A one-stop solution, consolidating multiple existing systems onto a single instrument. Operating across multiple major analyte classes.

Quantitative: Measures the specific concentration of the target.

Accurate: Gives the right answer, every time.

Sensitive: Measures targets present at very low concentrations.

Multiplexed: Measures multiple targets in a single test cartridge.

Portable: Capable of going wherever the patient is.

Low-cost: Affordable for healthcare providers globally.

Fast: Providing results in minutes.

Easy-to-use: Designed to be operated by anyone.


Test workflow

Run a test in three quick, easy, and safe steps:

Link user, patient, and cartridge ID together.

Scan user and patient ID via an integrated barcode or RFID reader, or enter via touchscreen. Patient details are retrieved from the local IT system, for confirmation, to prevent a matching error. The test cartridge ID is automatically read on insertion.

Add sample to cartridge in one 'tap’
Add cartridge to instrument.

Designed to be operated by anyone, not just skilled professionals.

Start test with a click, walk away, and review results from anywhere.

Set and forget management

Simple to manage, eliminating the onerous equipment & processes typical at the point-of-care today.

Forget onerous face-to-face training sessions

Forget manual and complex quality control procedures

Forget needing a power socket, limiting operational range

Forget needing a wired connection, limiting operational range

Forget downtime and frequent replacements